Cloud Gaming

The distribution of video games currently still depends on physical and downloadable models, however the gaming industry is set to follow the evolution of the music and movie industries and move to an unlimited streaming model.

Cloud Gaming webinarThis development is still in its early stages and, enabled by the low latency of technologies such as 5G and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), will create new revenue opportunities for telcos as the technical challenges are overcome.

As a consumer, imagine being able to choose from a library of games (including AAA premium titles) on any connected device (rather than just a dedicated hardware console) by paying a monthly subscription (rather than buying new consoles and games).

Carriers can dramatically lower the cost and eliminate the complexity of rolling out branded gaming-as-a-service offerings to their customers. This could be as disruptive in gaming as streaming has been in other entertainment markets.

New technologies, such as the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (formerly Intel® code name Kaby Lake G), which is the processing engine on the SMART Embedded Computing PCIE-7217 high density cloud gaming blade, and the ability to integrate 15 of these add-in cards into a single 4U high MC1400 MaxCore™ platform, tip the balance of economics of gaming-as-a-service for carriers.

SMART EC is working with cloud gaming content providers and wireless operators to make streamed gaming a reality. Take a look at this webinar to review the latest cloud gaming developments and learn how telcos can now offer their subscribers a cloud gaming service under their own brand to monetize the investment in their 5G and FTTH network infrastructure.


High Density Cloud Gaming Card

The PCIE-7217 has been designed specifically to work in SMART EC’s 4U MaxCore™ platform (MC4100), taking advantage of special features like a second connector for cable-free auxiliary power and integrated 1G Ethernet for a management network.

MC4100 MaxCore™ Platform
Extended Height PCIe Platform

The SMART Embedded Computing MC4100 MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and rendering density.

SMART Embedded Computing (formerly Artesyn Embedded Computing) is part of the SMART Global Holdings, Inc family of companies.

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