SIL4 Certified COTS ControlSafe® Rail Platforms

SMART EC's ControlSafe® Platforms are application-ready SIL4 certified, fault-tolerant, fail-safe COTS systems for train control and rail signalling.

All platforms leverage the same technologies and safety architecture, making it easy to transfer applications between them and deploy a common platform for a wide range of railway safety and operational solutions. Each also supports customer-developed IO modules.

SMART EC provides solutions suitable for both wayside and on-board installations.

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ControlSafe® Platform

SIL4 certified COTS fail-safe and fault-tolerant platform for wayside or on-board train control and rail signalling applications.

  • 5U
  • AC power
  • Rear I/O

ControlSafe® Carborne Platform

SIL4 certified, front I/O for wayside or on-board train control and rail signaling applications.

  • 4U
  • DC power
  • Front I/O

ControlSafe® Expansion Box Platform

SIL4 certified, provides significant size, ideal for large station or junction applications.

  • 12U
  • AC power
  • Rear I/O

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