MC1600 SeriesExtreme Edge Server

MC1600 Series

The MC1600 series of Extreme Edge servers from SMART Embedded Computing are designed to provide high performance compute capability in remote cabinet environments. The platform is targeted at virtual RAN and industrial applications and features low power Intel® Xeon® D processor CPUs with a companion PCI Express slot for offload processing.

The Extreme Edge server is designed to be an off-the-shelf offering. It enables customers to select the right combination of hardware and software and install the right size system for any edge deployment. The all-x86 architecture insures that the compute power can be reallocated to any load required by the network operator.

The 1U form factor allows for mounting with other standard rack mounted equipment. However, the Extreme Edge server is designed to operate safely in environments where the inlet temperatures can reach as high as 65°C or as low as -40°C. The design enables side-to-side cooling found in many IP55/65 outdoor cabinets. The system itself is IP20 compliant.

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  • Up to two 4-, 8-, or 12-core Intel Intel® Xeon® D processors
  • PCIE Gen 3 x8 lanes per CPU to PCIE slot for L1 accelerator card
  • Onboard Broadcom 8 x 10GbE L2 switch supporting synchronous Ethernet
  • NVME M.2 SSD per CPU
  • Air inlet operating temperature -40°C to +65°C
  • 1U x 300mm deep x 19” wide
  • -48VDC power

SMART Embedded Computing (formerly Artesyn Embedded Computing) is part of the SMART Global Holdings, Inc family of companies.

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