ATCA-2000 RAID Storage BladeThird Party Product from SANBlaze

ATCA-2000 RAID Storage Blade

The ATCA-2000 RAID storage blade supports up to eight 2.5” Compact Height (CH) SATA/SSD drives or four Full-Height (FH) SAS drives.  Two additional drives can be populated on a Rear Transition Module (RTM).

Developed in collaboration with SANBlaze, the solution offers multi-protocol IP storage services, including iSCSI and NAS protocols (NFS and CIFS). The blade features an Intel® Xeon® Processor (formerly Intel® Jasper Forest, Intel® Nehalem microarchitecture) with ECC (72b) memory implementations protecting both the CPU and RAID cache data.

PCIe express x8 Gen-2 signaling interconnects major data path components such as the 6Gb SAS RAID and 10Gb XAUI controllers. IP storage operations may occur over redundant Ethernet Zone-2 fabric connections or redundant 1 Gb Ethernet Zone-2 base connections.

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  • ATCA PICMG 3.0, Rev 2.0
    • Redundant 10Gb Fabric
    • Redundant 1Gb Base
  • Dual core, Dual memory
    • Nehalem CPU (1.73GHz)
    • Two 72b DDR3 1066MHz (2GB total)
  • SAS RAID 0,1,5 and 6 with 512MB cache
    • LiON battery (standard)
  • Intel 10Gb XAUI 82599
    • Stateless TCP offload
  • SAS expansion via zone2 update channel
  • Disk module carrier options
    • (8) Compact size SATA modules
    • (4) Full size SAS modules
  • Included Storage Services
    • iSCSI (IET)
    • NFS Version 3
    • CIF/SAMBA client
  • Remote configuration and setup


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