ATCA-8330AdvancedTCA DSP Blade


The SMART Embedded Computing ATCA-8330 is a combination of an Intel® Xeon® server CPU and a media processing array based on the Octasic OCT2224M multi-core DSP with comprehensive media processing software suite.

The use of video streaming is becoming more prevalent in military applications as cameras are increasingly deployed in the battlefield to help commanders make better decisions more quickly.

Using traditional Intel® Xeon® architectures, power and efficiency soon become a limitation when scaling to high channel density media stream transcoding. By employing highly efficient digital signal processors to provide direct offload of the host CPU, the ATCA-8330 acceleration engine allows prime contractors and military branches to either add or substantially increase the video processing density within existing systems, so reducing overall power and space demands for their equipment as it scales to higher throughput.

ATCA-8330 brings high density DSPs with embedded voice and video firmware from Octasic together with SMART EC’s strong ATCA system heritage and thermal design skill, resulting in an industry-leading media processing density for the next generation of military video processing systems.

  • Combining a server and accelerated media processing on a single blade minimizes the amount of hardware required
  • Modular design allows the blade to be scaled 4 DSPs at a time, up to 40 DSPs, to match application requirements
  • On-board Ethernet network connecting all the key elements which simplifies programming model
  • Comprehensive media processing software suite shortens application development and time to market (See "Important Notice - Standards Essential Patents and the use of CODECs" on pages 5-6 of the data sheet)

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  • High performance Intel® Xeon® server combined with up to 40 power-efficient DSPs for accelerated media processing
  • Single slot AdvancedTCA form factor media processing engine
  • Similar architecture to server-based element eases porting and maintenance
  • Comprehensive voice and video processing firmware and programmers interface included

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