ATCA-940540G ATCA Packet Processing Blade


The ATCA-9405 from SMART Embedded Computing combines a 40Gb/s ATCA fabric, up to 160Gb/s direct Ethernet terminations, a sophisticated on-board managed Ethernet switching infrastructure to support traffic flow to and from the MIPS64 cores and acceleration engines provided by two Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core processors.

It represents a balanced 3x to 4x performance and throughput increase over previous generation products for high touch and high throughput packet and signal processing applications.

Packet processing is used widely in network security applications such as unified threat management and session border controllers; for lawful interception and packet gateways; and in deep packet inspection applications for policy enforcement and quality of service control.

An optional mezzanine module attached to both Cavium OCTEON processors further increases the flexibility of applications for SMART EC's ATCA-9405, since you can for example add TCAMs or search processors for the fastest table lookups.

A local dual-core service processor is used to offload the OCTEON processors from other blade functions in order to maximize the packet processing capability, including managing Layer 2 and 3 switching/routing functions on the local Ethernet switch.

Software support includes Wind River Linux 4, Cavium's packet processing SDK and TurboDPI™ II deep packet inspection software, and 6WIND's 6WINDGate™ fast path networking stacks.

The ATCA-9405 can operate with or without rear transition modules (RTMs) depending on system architecture, and is designed to be integrated into SMART EC's AXP chassis, which cover 2-slot6-slot and 14-slot variants. 

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  • Two Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 multi-core MIPS64 processors with up to 128GB DRAM
  • Support for Wind River PNE 4.x OS, Cavium SDK and 6WIND 6WINDGate
  • Ethernet switch connecting all rear I/O, backplane I/O and OCTEON processors with L2 and L3 switch management software
  • Local NXP® QorIQ® dual-core blade management processor
  • Rear transition module with 8x 10GbE plus 2x 40GbE I/O connectivity
  • Zone 3 PCI Express ports enable the design of custom RTMs with mass storage

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