ControlSafe™ cIOU-DIO ModuleCarborne Platform Module

ControlSafe™ cIOU-DIO Module

The SMART Embedded Computing cIOU-DIO for the ControlSafe™ Carborne Platform provides 16 ports, which are configurable as redundant 24V digital inputs or double cut 24V digital outputs (with integrated feedback). Up to 4 of these ports can be provisioned as frequency or pulse counters, supporting single channel (1 port) rate or continuous measurement mode, or dual channel (2 ports) up down counter mode or quadrature encoding. With front access I/O it is perfect for onboard applications such as automatic train protection (ATP), automatic train operation (ATO), and positive train control (PTC).

This module supports SMART EC’s remote management feature, which allows it to be fully provisioned and configurable by the application on the CPU module. All commands to and from the module are protected by a safety layer.

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