System Services Framework (SSF)System Management Software and Framework

System Services Framework (SSF)

System Services Framework (SSF) is a centralized management system to configure and monitor software and hardware components in a single system or an array of multiple systems. A graphical user interface provides a quick and easy view of system configuration, events and alarms as well as providing a means of configuring switches, configuring boards and managing system access. XML and command line interfaces are also provided so user applications have access to the rich assortment of system parameters and controls.

SSF provides easy access to SMART EC's ViewCheck™ software, a licensed in-service and out-of-service diagnostic suite specifically developed for the SMART EC range of payload and switch cards. ViewCheck can be used to diagnose and monitor system boards, as part of a wider system management policy. The diagnostic utilities of ViewCheck help in identifying, detecting, and locating failures on a board. ViewCheck software also provides a mechanism to monitor status of storage devices, Ethernet counters and errors.

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  • Simple, uniform interface for managing all components of a complex system throughout development, deployment and in-field operation
  • Eases integration of customer hardware and software services
  • Out-the-box system management functions yield up to 40% reduction in time-to-market for network elements
  • Rich management interface via GUI, or CLI/XML/SNMP for easy integration with customer's existing operation and management platform
  • Secure access for all aspects of platform management
  • Significant bearing over full product development lifecycle - from component bring-up through product deployment, operation and EOL
  • Customers' focus on their value-add applications, not common & standard management functions

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