Deployment Services are designed to protect your product investment after release to your customers or markets.

SMART Embedded Computing offers an extensive array of services applicable to your product deployment phase. We provide complete offerings in every phase of the support chain that include product repair, technical support, supply chain services, revision management, and logistics services, that may be necessary to maintain your product in the field.

  • Embedded Computing Technical Support

    We provide you efficient technical assistance for a wide range of concerns including product information and configuration, product usage issues, compatibility issues, release updates and incident resolution requiring problem determination, analysis and diagnosis from our team of experienced support personnel.

  • Expedited Spares Programs

  • Take advantage of our Expedited Spares service for quick access to a global inventory to fill your unique requirements. We can also manage a dedicated inventory of replacement parts for you.

  • Installation Support

    On-site installation services help customers with shelf or frame level configuration, cabling and testing requirements.

  • Logistics Program

    Reduce manufacturing lead times or mitigate fluctuations in customer forecasts with our programs designed specifically around your unique business requirements.

  • On-Site and Installation Support

    We provide on-site customer assistance to aid in problem diagnosis and resolution when required.

  • Product Warranties

    Our warranty services cover all repairs during the term of the agreement and provides for a replacement product in the event the original product is unrepairable. The standard product warranty can extended for one to three years depending on your product life cycle.

  • Repair Services

    We offer repair services for products that are past the original warranty period and are not covered by a Longevity of Repair agreement.

  • Revision Management

    Proactively plan for product changes through our Revision Management Program by evaluating a revised product for a fixed period of time (usually 60 business days) before placing it into production.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Pinpoint the exact nature of a failure with services we have designed to help you determine and apply remedial actions, as well as generate the required documentation.

SMART Embedded Computing (formerly Artesyn Embedded Computing) is part of the SMART Global Holdings, Inc family of companies.

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