SharpStreamer™ ISV Ecosystem

The SMART Embedded Computing SharpStreamerTM platform accelerates video processing for service providers and equipment providers in the broadcast, OTT, MSO, ISP, CDN and cloud service provider market. Within those markets, there are multiple applications that can benefit from increased density for video streaming and transcoding. By taking advantage of x86 GPU- accelerated technology in a small and versatile PCI Express footprint, SMART EC’s SharpStreamer platform offers application developers a scalable and flexible solution that fits standard server architectures and cloud-based deployments so it’s now possible to multiply density without changing or adding servers. With many application developers already innovating around x86 technology and standard servers, SMART EC’s SharpStreamer platform offers the possibility of realizing dramatically increased density with low development effort.

The SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem provides members access to testing and compatibility resources with SharpStreamer solutions to realize these benefits for its customers. SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem members can benchmark applications, create product briefs, and receive referrals as part of the Ecosystem. By joining the Ecosystem, members can also participate in ongoing innovation and development with SMART EC to achieve maximum density/RU for specific applications, so customers have the assurance of a proven solution.

SharpStreamer™ High-Density Video Acceleration Benefits

  • ƒServer-based approach
  • ƒNo dedicated appliances
  • ƒHigher H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC transcoding density
  • ƒScale to cloud-based video and increase your application density

SharpStreamer™ ISV Ecosystem Program Overview

  • Helps independent software vendors (ISVs) use SharpStreamer approach to achieve higher densities and be more competitive at a lower cost
  • Enables ISV platforms to lower CapEx and OpEx costs through a much smaller server footprint and less energy costs
  • Provides end customers the assurance of pre-integrated solutions from SMART EC & the SharpStreamer ISV Ecosystem member


Inter Digital Solutions
Surf Communication Solutions
Wowza Media Solutions
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Let us help with your product selection

Qualification Process

  • ISV to provide:
    • Application use case
    • Operating system and kernel running on host and accelerator
    • Details of Intel® Media SDK usage
    • Sales and marketing strategy of complimentary solution

Validation Process

  • SMART EC to provide:
    • Loaner equipment
    • Hardware integration consultation
  • ISV to provide:
    • Validation test hardware and software details
    • Integration process and test plan
    • Performance goals and results

SMART Embedded Computing (formerly Artesyn Embedded Computing) is part of the SMART Global Holdings, Inc family of companies.

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