Our platforms make up the embedded core of a vast array of diagnostic imaging and therapy applications

SMART Embedded Computing recognizes the dynamic set of requirements facing medical OEMs today and is committed to accelerating your time to market while addressing your need for continuous support over the product life cycle for a wide range of clinical systems and diagnostic equipment. Our high quality, extended-life products, superior engineering design and partnership resources makes us the clear choice for the healthcare industry.


Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is characterized by high performance compute and memory demands from increasingly higher image rates coupled with real-time imaging. These medical devices include large and high performance computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET)/nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and X-ray. Most of the devices, excluding ultrasound, are found in separate dedicated radiology suites. The imaging equipment plays an increasingly critical role in the key medical initiatives around early disease detection and preventive care which in turn impacts healthcare patient costs and late life post-disease treatment. A strong evolving trend for real time imaging at the point of care for surgical diagnosis is placing even more demands on compute in cardio X-ray and 4D ultrasound. SMART EC high performance industrial motherboards are the ideal platforms for diagnostic imaging.

Clinical Systems

Clinical systems, sometime referred to as clinical IT or clinical care equipment, is the heart of what you see in hospital, clinics and doctors offices. There is a broad spectrum of equipment such as patient monitoring, IV infusion, oximeters, defibrillation, ventilators, a variety of monitors/tablets, crash carts, infotainment, near-bed computers, medical carts and vitro diagnostics to name just a few that create the healthcare environment around us. This equipment is typically small, low power and noise-limited or fanless. It is sometimes mobile and possibly washable for sanitizing but still requires high performance processing. SMART EC extended life, stable BIOS industrial motherboards are the ideal fit for this area of concentration.


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