Machine Learning/AI

  • Huge amounts of data are generated in modern factories. Bandwidth constraints, IP, and security issues are driving the need to perform a variety of machine learning and inference applications on-site.
  • SMART EC’s advanced micro-servers offer a highly flexible platform that can be configured with varying levels of compute resources, a range of GPU and FPGA accelerator cards, and huge data storage capabilities. These platforms provide the performance and resources required to handle big data analytics, predictive analytics, and a range of on-site inference applications.

MaxCore IPC


MaxCore™ Platform
Versatile and Dense Compute & Media Platform

The MaxCore Platform enables you to build an economical and application focused appliance within a short time. Flexibility is achieved through its capability to perfectly balance I/O, compute and compute-associated accelerators within the same box.

MaxCore™ IPC Platform
Industrial PC

The SMART EC MaxCore™ Industrial PC (IPC) platform is a member of the MaxCore family with
flexibility to address a wide range of industrial applications. 

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