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Embedded computing solutions for rail infrastructure and rolling stock, deployed in transportation networks worldwide due to long lifecycles and high quality designs

Designed to meet the highest safety standard - the SMART Embedded Computing Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) certified ControlSafe® Platform enables customers to significantly accelerate time to market without incurring the high costs and risks associated with the SIL4 certification process.

As countries around the world are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the investment in rail infrastructure has been growing exponentially during the past decade as rail is widely viewed as one of the most sustainable means of transporting passengers and goods. The expansion of rail network and the adoption of high speed rail worldwide drives government mandates to deploy SIL4 certified control system to ensure safe railroad operation. With the leverage of over 30 years of expertise in developing highly reliable and available embedded computer systems, SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platform enables global rail system integrators and application providers to focus on the differentiation of their applications by adopting this SIL4 commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) fail-safe and fault-tolerant computer system. Its modular, open standards-based design, along with the advanced safety voting architecture provides our customers with a cost-effective, common platform solution for multiple train control and rail signaling applications in both wayside and carborne. SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platform meets the stringent longevity requirement of the rail industry with 15 years of planned product life and 25 years of extended support and service available.


ControlSafe PlatformsControlSafe® Platforms

ControlSafe® products are SIL4 certified fail-safe and fault-tolerant platforms for train control and rail signaling applications. Designed to address the changes happening in the market for rail infrastructure, SMART EC's ControlSafe® Platforms are a cost-effective solution that enables rail infrastructure providers and system integrators to substantially accelerate time-to-market without incurring the high costs and risks of the SIL4 certification process.

The ControlSafe Platforms consists of two redundant ControlSafe Computers, each of which delivers fail-safe operation and together provide a highly available platform. They are linked by a Safety Relay Box (SRB) or Direct Connect Algorithm (DCA) that monitors the health of the two ControlSafe Computers, designates one as active and the other as standby, and controls fail-over operation between the two ControlSafe Computers to deliver a highly available, fail-safe and fault-tolerant computer system.

With platforms designed for both wayside and carborne applications, the ControlSafe platform is designed to support a broad range of I/O modules such as CAN, Ethernet, Ethernet Ring, UART, MVB, digital, analog and GPS/Wireless to enable solution integrators to handle both new deployments and upgrade projects easily. SMART EC has also cooperated with customers on specific I/O solutions to meet unique application requirements.

With all reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) processes certified to EN50126, all safety-related software to EN50128, and hardware to EN50129 by TÜV SÜD, one of the most trusted certification bodies worldwide, SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platforms can be deployed in SIL4 safety application environments to protect investments in rail infrastructure.

Based on open standards, SMART EC's ControlSafe Platforms feature a growing range of I/O modules and expansion capabilities so you can use it in a wide range of rail systems and applications including:

  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Positive Train Control (PTC)
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)
  • Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)
  • Temporary Speed Restriction Server (TSRS)
  • Radio Block Center (RBC)
  • Train Control Center (TCC)

TÜV SÜD Certificates for CSP

TÜV SÜD Certificates for EXB

TÜV SÜD Certificates for CCP


VME Single Board Computers

SMART EC's VME single board computers have been used as building blocks in a wide range of rail applications for over 20 years, including as the main processor module in electronic interlocking devices deployed in rail networks worldwide.
VME Single Board ComputersThe company's commitment to long lifecycle product availability and support through performance and reliability enhancements enables suppliers of rail equipment to save significant time and resource in the development and maintenance of their solutions.


As one of the companies that invented the VMEbus over 30 years ago, SMART EC has consistently worked to enhance VMEbus technology and now offers arguably the widest range of VME SBCs based on Freescale processors using the Power Architecture.

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