White Paper: High Density Digital Signal Processing with ATCA

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Data in the modern battlefield has become as essential as munitions. Detection, target tracking, and the decisions that must be made based on data acquired from sensors and cameras mounted to UAVs or a myriad of radar and sonar devices on a cruiser, all require sophisticated algorithms executing on powerful computing equipment. Traditional methods of digital signal processing (DSP) have used specialized FPGA equipment, multiprocessor VME and OpenVPX solutions, but a new class of computing has the potential to replace some of those expensive highly specialized processing elements.

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA® or ATCA®) is an open computing standard that has a significant amount of value to military applications requiring a huge amount of processing. Advances in microprocessor technology and accompanying software will make ATCA a very powerful signal processing technology for future complex signal processing applications.

The paper assumes a basic understanding of AdvancedTCA. An introduction to the technology is provided in the SMART Embedded Computing white paper, "ATCA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

More information is also available in the white paper, "ATCA for Military, Aerospace and Other High Performance Embedded Computing Users."

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White Paper: High Density Digital Signal Processing with ATCA

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